Hachiman Sprint 2

Super Good (Chambers) and Road To Dubai (De Melo) heading for home in the 2017 Hachiman Sprint.

…and what do you think about the weather?

In 2017 the 1100m Hachiman Sprint was run at Borrowdale Park in heavy going and was won by Super Good.

At the time of writing, unless we have a deluge before Sunday, the going is likely to be good.

Super Good has accepted this challenge again, and so have Sheik’s Brashee, Road To Dubai and Wylde Style.

Life Is Good (second to Super Good in the 1100m MR 75 Handicap in April, and third to Super Good’s second in the 1200m HRIB Gold Cup in December) will also take part in this race on Sunday, along with El Gallo, Newton Power and Belle Epoque.

Of the eight runners I find it hard to look further than the first four horses – Sheik’s Brashee, Life Is Good, Super Good and Road To Dubai – which I may regret when one of the light weights scampers in.

In January 2017 Super Good received 8 kgs from Sheik’s Brashee (8.25 lengths back) and now receives only 2 kgs. Road To Dubai (2.75 lengths off the winner) gave away 5kgs and this is now cut to 2.5 kgs. If Super Good is the horse to beat both these seasoned sprinters may give a better account of themselves here.

Life Is Good has met Super Good before without much turnaround in weights. On December 17 Life Is Good, receiving a kg, beat Super Good by 0.50 lengths over 1450m. In the HRIB Gold Cup the four-year-old gelding was 0.50 lengths behind Super Good when in receipt of 0.50 kgs. In Sunday’s line-up Super Good gets 0.5 kgs from his former rival so this pair seem evenly matched.

All of Road To Dubai, Newton Power, El Gallo, Sheik’s Brashee and Wylde Style finished behind Super Good in the HRIB, and I am not going into great detail about these weights. On Sunday they will meet on pretty similar terms and that was a tight finish to the HRIB with Coachella, Super Good, Life Is Good, Road To Dubai and Newton Power finishing within 1.60 lengths – the winner, Coachella, is not running on Sunday.

Super Good is probably the horse to beat but it could all depend on the weather. While some are predicting torrential rain within days, others mourn a drought… I refuse to be surprised by anything the rain gods throw at us this year as it appears to be unpredictable.

The first race is due off at 12.55 pm on Sunday, and the Hachiman Sprint is scheduled for 15.45.


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