Hunting for holes…

On Saturday morning, February 2, some MTC and MOTA members engaged in a hole hunt on the “new” back straight – and found several. Termites don’t take holidays.

I hope both the MTC and MOTA will persist with and expand, this exercise. In my dreams I envisage at least 100 racing fans picnicking at Borrowdale Park, and getting to know more racing people while keeping up the hole hunt. There is plenty of ground to cover – and it will help to keep our racehorses and jockeys safer.

Under present circumstances, we can’t afford to do all we would like to. However, hunting for holes doesn’t cost money.

It appears it will be some time before there is racing on Borrowdale Park’s “new course”. Some problems have been identified and will be dealt with eventually.

In the meantime onward and upward – Harare has always had good reason to be proud of its racecourse.

Photograph by Gavin Macleod

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