3 thoughts on “COME RACING TODAY

  1. Dear Sheldene,

    YOU should have come racing, mainly because not only were there some exciting finishes, but an amazing crowd of “old” racing people, and the biggest bunch in MOTA bar than we’ve seen for aaaages!! Great to see the Dardagans, also Trish de la Harpe (O’Toole) and her brother Tim who both remember the Chant family! Alex and Caroline Morris Eyten (owners of Print the Pounds and another good one long ago) Roy Meiring’s wife, a table of 3 Brits – don’t know who they were but they were on their own. They must have all read you letter or Bambazonke’s “What’s on this Week” Your son was the Steward on duty, wearing his nice stripy shirt and tie. We always have this at each race meeting now. Back to the Old Class!!


    See you soon ?



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