About three years ago Jackie Cocksedge and Sharon Paterson were in Kentucky and made a point of visiting Ipi Tombe at Denali Stud.

At the time Ipi Tombe had been covered by Scat Daddy but the groom could not confirm if she was in foal. She was born in Zimbabwe in 1998, so Jackie recently contacted Denali Stud to check on the 21-year-old mare and has received this reply:

“Yes, we still have Ipi, she’s doing well and has since been retired after her last foal in 2016, a colt named Strictly Biz. When you visited her, she was in foal to Scat Daddy, but according to records it says she slipped then, as well as in 2017. They decided to retire her then. She lives outside with her field mates now and is doing well!”

Kentucky is a world away from the scene of Ipi Tombe’s racing triumphs in South Africa and Dubai, and Borrowdale Park – where it all began.

Go well, Ipi Tombe. So far away but never forgotten by all your fans back home.

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