Penny Fisher

Penny Fisher has decided not to renew her trainer’s license for the 2019/20 season and on Saturday will send out her last runners at Borrowdale Park.

To mark the end of an illustrious career in racing, the nine events carded are named after Penny and some of her winners. I remember when she was assistant trainer to Major Jack Perry way back when, but she was part of the scene before that.

When it began doesn’t matter. Penny Fisher will be missed, remembered, and is woven into the fabric of Zimbabwe racing.

What will we do, Penny, when you are not around to terrorise those who should be terrorised at Borrowdale Park? Racing needs its iron ladies and fortunately there have been a few.

Some years ago, Penny cried enough. She became a lady who lunched, briefly, but then returned to training. Could this happen again?

The ‘Fisher’ stable will remain in good hands. I will wait for an official announcement on who is taking over, but in the meantime don’t stress. Life goes on.

Have fun with your family, Penny, and please keep in touch with Borrowdale Park and your many racing friends.

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