Criticism of MTC Website (you have to read to the end to find it)…

and the Chairman responds…

“Thank you for taking the time to post on social media the criticism of how the MTC website is managed. Whilst I believe it is correct that people can express an opinion and post constructive feedback on these social media platforms I also believe that the best way to get a proper response is in the first instance to talk to those people responsible before posting.

“However … it is true that the MTC website has been an issue for many years. Whilst accepting that its responsiveness and content has to improve, I do note that the last update was around 30th November, not good but better than the 2015 material on there when the present ‘people responsible ‘took over. I will try not to revert to the stock response about having to prioritise spending the limited resources at our disposal but that particular albatross is a constant.

“The publication of the 2020 racing programme has been delayed as we felt it high time that the programme was reviewed in consultation with the trainers to reflect and meet the needs of our current racing stock, rather than just publish the same programme that had been in place for years. The trainers have had the programme since the racing centre meeting held on Tuesday 10 December 2019, at which every trainer was present. This will only be posted once finalised as each trainer has to agree to a variety of conditions, regardless of website condition.

“Which brings me to the issue of actually managing the website. I am not sure whom the writer thinks does this and if indeed if they are not doing their job if it is in the best interests of racing to replace them. This could have been cleared up with a phone call to me or Scott.

“The good news is that we have managed to secure the part-time services of a young lady to manage the existing content better than in the past but have also developed plans to improve the media hosting and content generation. This will take a few months to implement as we have to find the circa $4000 to purchase some equipment (sorry the albatross just pecked me).

“Anyhow debate is good for the soul so thank you for posting and I would just take this opportunity to thank Sheldene for all her hard work in providing this forum to enable such a debate.

“Finally, best wishes to all and hoping for a more prosperous but still fun-filled New Year “

THE ORIGINAL POST ON THIS SUBJECT – in case you missed it:


The Mashonaland Turf Club website has been a bone of contention for some time. The complaints mainly come from racing purists who may or may not own a racehorse but like to check things out, make plans – and rely on up-to-date information in order to do so.

Sadly, the MTC web page is seldom a source of up-to-date and meaningful content – and we won’t talk about the delays in posting videos. That has been covered often enough.

The Mashonaland Turf Club chairman, Gary Carter, believes people should be able to express a valid viewpoint – and if published on social media it gives the Turf Club a forum on which to reply. Who knows, an open debate could be both pro-active and productive.

So here goes…this dropped into my mailbox today:

“Is there any reason why the Mash Turf website cannot be kept up to date? I went to look at the racing programme to see what races might be available for Bugatti Blue. The current programme goes up to 30 July this year.

“Owners invest huge amounts of money into this industry usually for poor returns. Is it asking too much that those that are responsible for aspects of disseminating information do their job timeously and efficiently? If they can’t, then maybe they should be replaced with more competent people.”

What do you think about Don’t be shy.

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