…says it’s all about pace..

As news came in this morning about the booze ban, my first reaction, and I don’t know why, was to make a B Line to the wine cellar – my basement is proving invaluable after all. I am pleased to report I have adequate stocks to last me three weeks if I ration myself to two bottles per day. If I can’t then I must call upon my reserves of gin, scotch and vodka. So I plan to pace myself just in case the ban goes on for a bit longer. We can all do it and it will be so good for our livers.


Then came the news from Lisa Harris that a WhatsApp group is going to write a book during the lockdown – brilliant plan – anecdotes and illustrations of happy racing moments at Borrowdale Park and Ascot (Bulawayo if you have forgotten!). I have even found pics of two different wives looking happy leading a winner in.

Lisa and I will edit this book – so contributors do not need to fear poor grammar or spelling or foul language. You are invited to submit your contributions by email to Ideally, these stories should be at least 500 words or be single pagers but length is not an issue. Just think of all the material we have from Zim racing over the years, the characters, the jockeys, owners, trainers, punters, breeders, scams, coups, scandals, love affairs, scoundrels etc. we are steeped in it. Go on, put yourself through your paces and write us a story – proceeds from the book will go back to racing and we might even get you to appear in the TV series on Netflix (all except Doug Jaffray that is!)

And just to give you a flavour of what we are looking for, I will be publishing the first short story later on our FB page


Well, I am thrilled to say that the response to this fun idea has been brilliant – initial pledges suggest we will get more than one horse – though the target still remains fifteen. So loyal racing enthusiast and successful owner, Spencer Murray, is using his lockdown holiday to set up the company and once in place we will plan how to receive funds and disburse them.

Just to remind you of the key features of this plan. Shares in the company are to be offered to anyone in single or multiple units of US$100. Its mission will be simple – to own and race as many horses as possible for as long as possible – and ideally for a profit – but with the understanding that this aim is tough to achieve. We want to raise $150,000, which is one share for each of the readers of this column – not a big ask and Zim racing needs your support – even if it is a modest sum to ask for, collectively it will matter.

The US$ 100 will cover all your shareholder costs of being involved for 12 months – that is buying the horses, shipping them north if necessary and keeping them in training for 12 months. Horses will be allotted equally amongst any current Zim trainer who has more than 10 horses in his yard. And his training fees will be paid for a year in advance so we avoid putting about with an accounts department.

Communication will be via WhatsApp groups – so trainers will be responsible for that too.

A small board of unpaid directors will be appointed to run the show and shareholders will be given maximum opportunity to involve themselves in the whole experience. I have in mind a great person to plan and execute celebrations for when we have winners – and we will have plenty. I know this.

Finally, in keeping with the spirit of ZimFun – our colours will basically be a SMILEY FACE Imogi – so pace your current budget and save up your US$ 100 for when the call comes to send it to us or pass it over to our financial director – that will be Spence.

We are in the dwang right now – but think of how much fun is lurking in the near future for us – it’s up to us – I might even find a new wife – anything is possible!

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