There is racing at Borrowdale Park on Wednesday and with some luck the Final Fields will be made available later today.

If the race meeting was on Friday, Saturday or Sunday the fields would also be due out today.  Apparently it has not occurred to the powers that be that producing tips, previews etc takes a bit of thought and time.  The people that rely on this information also need time – as do those that do their own thing by studying form. So why support Borrowdale when other racing centres are producing the goods?

Thirty years ago the Mashonaland Turf Club treated the racing media with respect – and the payoff was extensive press coverage, enthusiastic punters, and loyal spectators, which resulted in willing sponsors and a thriving racecourse.

Today racing in Zimbabwe is sparsely covered by one or two die-hards, hanging in there for the love of the game; frustrated by the constant battle to get information, timeously, and probably regarded as nuisances – unpaid let me add.

Occasionally a “new” journalist shows an interest in the sport of kings, but without an extensive racing background no-one can roll out of bed one morning and decide to be a racing reporter.

It is complicated – and those that show some interest must be encouraged, helped, and guided along their way.

Of course, I am aware that factors other than appalling public relations have resulted in the difficulties that have faced racing locally for quite some time. However, inattention to the media, and the needs of local punters, is also to blame.

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