Gary Carter, Chairman of the Mashonaland Turf Club, has issued the following statement:

‘To all of the stakeholders in Borrowdale Park Racing.

‘It is with regret that I have to inform you that the next meeting on Sunday 19th July will not be aired on Telly Track as has been the norm for many years.

‘Following the implosion of Phumelela and the changing of the guard at the top of the organisation, the MTC has been working hard to come to a working arrangement that firstly recognizes the legacy issues between the two organisations but also provides a framework of how we could work together now whilst resolution is being sought on these issues.

‘The investment that MTC has made in new technology now allows the club to stream the meeting in HD on social media platforms and these will be available on Sunday @Sand Sport live on FB and @zimracing (Racing at Borrowdale Park in Zimbabwe) Facebook pages.

‘In addition to not taking the Borrowdale Park feed, Phumelela has taken the decision to suspend Tote betting on Borrowdale Park. A decision the MTC does not understand as it provided a risk-free revenue stream for Phumelela without the attendant costs involved in hosting a race meeting. We will continue to talk to Phumelela in an effort to restore this mutually beneficial relationship but the MTC is also exploring other exciting opportunities that will become available across more FB platforms and You Tube platforms and direct to bookmakers should we not be able to conclude an agreement with Phumelela/ Telemedia in the near future.

‘My apologies for the temporary inconvenience that this may cause our supporters but the MTC will overcome this temporary setback as it has overcome every other setback thrown at it in the last few years.’

(The live stream from SandSport will be on this site.)

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