Image by Jan Vaše on Pixabay

A while ago Stewart Ramsay, writing in the Sporting Post Mailbag, suggested betting was too complicated for novices, and he is right about that.

Much has been written about attracting newcomers to racing and Mr Ramsay says:
“To overcome horseracing’s barriers to point of entry one needs a concept that provides anyone and everyone the opportunity to participate in horseracing, without having an in-depth knowledge of form studying and betting.
“There is such a concept.”

Cellphones have become one of the most popular means of communication – his plan can be studied at for Borrowdale Park perhaps the MTC could make it even more simple, initially.

At every race meeting, designate one race for ‘lucky cellphones’, and to enter one would simply have to send the MTC an sms with name and number.  Names with ‘phone numbers would go into a draw, and winners of the draw would each have a horse running for them. Results of the draw to be announced on social media during the early evening preceding a race meeting.

In due course, the race would be run and the ‘owner’ of the winning horse would receive whatever the MTC decides on (iZWL of course, and in cash-strapped Zimbabwe that wouldn’t have to be much to start attracting new people to racing).

I know it’s easy to dream up schemes for other people to operate.  When and if the MTC react to this one, I have more up my sleeve because we really need to drum up local interest in racing.

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