ZimFun Racing Club Ready To Romp

ZimFun shareholders will have their first runner at Borrowdale Park on Friday. Their horse, Tricky Business, is ready to romp in the 1600m Maiden Plate.

Borrowdale Park has, and has had, its fair share of successful racing syndicates. This is something different and could go a long way towards attracting new owners to our sport.

C John Smith has gone to great lengths to set up this racing club and, once he had attracted enough shareholders, quickly bought a horse online. And this is only the beginning…the aim is to sell more shares and buy more horses to race at Borrowdale.

Shareholders have come from far and wide. Some used to live here, others still do. The enthusiasm generated by those people who have never set foot on a racecourse is catching, and everyone is ready for some fun. Club members are kept informed via WhatsApp; some have already met “Tricky” and watched him work. What a pity that at present COVID restrictions limit spectators at race meetings but that too will pass.

Each share costs $100 and covers both the acquisition of horses, and training fees for a year. It’s quite simple really – the more shareholders, the more horses – and this is a very good deal, whether you are an old hand or new to the game.

“CJ” reports that Tricky is “a cool customer” so keep tabs on him while you are watching Borrowdale Park on the live stream on Friday. Those yellow silks will be hard to miss.

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