Unlike a rolling stone the ZimFun Racing Club is gathering more shareholders and C. John Smith ( Cjohnsmith1@aol.com ) is aiming for many more…

Tricky Business, owned by ZimFun, is having his second start at Borrowdale Park on Saturday, after his close second on October 30. More shareholders leads to more ZimFun horses, and plans are afoot to get another one – soon.

At US$100 per share – which includes part ownership in all Zimfun horses, plus training fees for a year – there is no better deal around. What is particularly encouraging is that some Borrowdale “old-timers” who have moved on to greener pastures, are buying shares in ZimFun. I can’t think of a better way to have some fun – while keeping in touch with friends.

The first race at Borrowdale on Saturday is due off at 13 25.  Tricky Business runs in the 1450m Maiden Plate at 15 10.

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