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Moment In The Sun

Last Wednesday the scheduled Borrowdale Park race meeting was postponed due to heavy rain and it was carried forward to Wednesday 24 February – same card and featuring the Fillies Classic.

At the time of writing, it is all systems go barring another flood.  The meeting will be held behind closed doors and information published previously is on this site.

If you have studied the card you will have noticed Wednesday’s races are named after some of the late Betty Prosser’s favourite horses, one of which was Moment In The Sun. With a name like that how could the son of Kitalpha (USA) fail to have significant impact?

Born in 2008, ‘Moment’ was owned by Betty Prosser and Peter Moor and he raced at Borrowdale from February 2012 to December 2014.  He won four races and was placed 22 times from 32 runs – and wouldn’t we all like to share in such a super trooper?

Sooner or later every racing scribe gets around to writing about What’s In A Name and did so recently.  Although originating from America the information about the rules regarding naming a racehorse also applies here, but at the end of the serious stuff the author states, “But most of all have fun with the name” and I quote:  

‘In 1989 there was a filly named THE BRIDE. She never won a race in her short career, but at least one time, at some nondescript racecourse, as the horses made the turn for home, the track announcer got to bellow “And here comes THE BRIDE!’

Perhaps when choosing a name, one should also give more thought to the commentator.

A long time ago I named a horse Something Else…only because I became fed up with choosing brilliant names and then finding out those names were taken. So, I had to think of something else, and eventually decided the only option was to name the colt Something Else. He won races and I had no problem with the name – but Mervyn Hamilton did. One day at Borrowdale I was within earshot of an interesting conversation.

‘What was the horse you could not identify, Mervyn? – and Mervyn, who didn’t pull any punches, snarled, ‘I could identify the horse, but some idiot named him Something Else.’

So, if you can’t come up with a suitable winning name, you can always concentrate on enraging the commentator…

Joking aside, a horse with a perfect name usually wins races, so what about the Fillies Classic? True Beauty is a great name, but will someone please translate Dindingwe?  

PS I now know Dindingwe means Cheetah. Thank you Charles Rwizi

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