Stidolph And Gould Combo The Tops

Wantage, winner of the 2021 Ipi Tombe Stakes (L)

The Bridget Stidolph yard, paired with Teaque Travis Gould, won three of the seven races at Borrowdale Park on Sunday – including the Ipi Tombe Stakes (L) with Wantage.

Earlier in the afternoon Ultra Edge scored in the 1450m Maiden Plate, soon followed by Fortuna Doro in the MR 75 Handicap, also over 1450m.

Wantage is owned by Gael and Denis Evans of Newbury Racing (Pty) Ltd. Messrs R S Dyer, S N Buchan, N Evans, M K Chant, G de Jong, A Dixon, R Morgan, R Sherwood and Bryn Russell would have been shouting for Ultra Edge, and most of them, in the very next race, would have cheered Fortuna Doro to the wire.

Congratulations everyone.

Photographs by Zimbabwe Equine News

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