Most OK Fans Will Watch From Home

As COVID-19 restrictions remain in force in Zimbabwe most of us will be watching Saturday’s OK Grand Challenge race meeting at Borrowdale Park from home – and, if this cold snap continues, I will not complain about that!

There will be TV coverage on DSTV Channel 249 but this will probably be limited as there is so much going on in the racing world right now. In addition, I believe ZBC/ZTV will be covering racing from 3.00pm to 4.30pm on Saturday.

If you can, the best bet is to tune in on TV, but also go online with a laptop or PC and view the Borrowdale Livestream on U-Tube via Clocking The Gallop. Links to the Livestream will be posted here when available. This way one can keep tabs on everything that is going on.

The first race is due off at 12.05pm and the $70 000 OK Grand Challenge is at 16.00pm. There are 8 races on the card so make your plans and have a great day.

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