Sounding Off – From Both Sides

One of the first things cadet journalists used to be taught was “You are not the story” and I agree with that.

However, this time I am the story – or at least half of it.

Someone, who has chosen to be known as ‘James k’, has commented on the post IF SHE IS IN IT SHE WINS IT and beginning ” Lily Blue The 2021 STYLE Round Table Champion Fillies Stakes will be run over 1600m at Borrowdale Park on Saturday…”

James k on November 4, 2021. at 7:18 pm said:‘Is there only one trainer at borrowdale park ??? as it seems all the headlines are only focused to one yard and never any credit given to horses that win from the other yards…’.

‘I replied: “Quite an offensive comment and I am sure you are aware there are several trainers at Borrowdale. Perhaps you should get your information about Borrowdale elsewhere.

”Then…James k on November 4, 2021, at 7:36 pm said:‘Maybe you should you promote borrowdale racing more openly and fairly instead of being so biased to one yard, and give credit where credit is due. this just leaves a bitter taste to owners in other yards.’’

As ‘James k’ feels so strongly about this I feel his comments should be given adequate coverage, and so I will post this on my three Facebook pages – which have been aimed at promoting Borrowdale Park – for years.

I am not employed by anyone to promote Borrowdale Park – or individual trainers. I write what I like, when, and if, I like – and that is not going to change.

And I certainly appreciate all those who have supported me in this hobby, which takes up a great deal of my time – when I am not having to deal with all the other things that go with life in Zim.

Perhaps not the best way to start the day!

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