A Vibrant And Wonderful Cape Met

2022 Cape Met winner – Kommetdieding – Photograph by Candiese Lenferna Photography

GAIL SANDRA AMYOT is passionate about racing – and has managed to sustain that passion despite living in Bulawayo where, sadly, the Ascot racecourse has been closed for years. Of course, Gail watched the Cape Met on Tellytrack on Saturday, and writes:

“The thing about the WSB Cape Met, was the absolute contrast to the very recent L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate meeting. To have two such very different meetings, held within a compact period, together with top-class racing, is the stuff of racing indeed. One was elegant, restrained but well organized and beautiful, the other colourful and vibrant – vocal and participatory on every level. I haven’t enjoyed racing in all its aspects so much for years! Kommetdieding is a real racehorse! Well done to the whole team!

“Just at what point on Saturday afternoon I realized that something was very different, I can’t be sure, but I do know it made me sit up. We have recently been treated to two stellar race meetings at Kenilworth Racecourse, Cape Town, and the contrast between them could not have been more marked. Toned in blue and white, with lots of sparkling Champagne, superb organisation and elegance, truly defined the LQP, together with the longstanding tradition that sets it apart.

“Fast forward a few weeks, filled with endless discussions, expertise and speculation, to the WSB Cape Town Met. Some of us were, it would be fair to say, a little nervous! Change is in the air in South African Racing, coupled with uncertainty, certainly, and it would be fair to say the Met. has had a few turbulent years. The recent withdrawal of a well-known sponsor did not help. Some might say only the participation of a much-loved horse by the name of Rainbow Bridge, kept the faithful following!

“However, It became clear that the City of Cape Town had pulled out a lot of stops and marketing of the 2022 Cape Met was colourful and successful.

“And then …… there was the reason for the big change – the people’s favourite, Kommetdieding. A four-year-old entire by Elusive Fort, owned by Ashwin Reynolds, a Capetonian. Kommetdieding was already the winner of the prestigious 2021 July Handicap, and his following has grown enormously, wonderfully, as it speaks of possibility to many.

“They came, in their hundreds, Ladies and Gentlemen in their vibrant, flowing finery, to shout their Champion over the line. The atmosphere was electric, with people everywhere, for the first time in several years. The right word for Saturday was ‘ rejoicing!’ Our Rainbow Bridge had recently gone to his well-earned retirement, but now here was another Champion for us to celebrate!

“What we got as a bonus, was more of a real ‘Rainbow’ race crowd – happy, as passionate as racegoers should be, cheering their Champion as he flew over the line, and following him as one, rejoicing, to the Winners Circle.

“Well done Cape Racing!”

And well said, Gail Amyot.

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