Next Borrowdale Meeting Abandoned

The Borrowdale race meeting scheduled for the 22nd of May, 2022, has been abandoned due to insufficient runners.

At the Final Declaration stage this morning five races folded, and all were reopened, and all trainers called upon for additional horses to allow each race to hold. Each trainer advised the racing centre that they did not have any further horses to add to the meeting.

The Mashonaland Turf Club reports:

 “We therefore have only one option in accordance with our local conditions which is in regard to Rule 3F – ABANDONMENT OF A RACE: The racing operator reserves the right to cancel any race meeting should 7 races not stand after declaration, and after reopening each race on the same conditions.

 “As a result this race meeting did not hold and we have no option but to abandon the meeting for the 22nd May 2022.”

This is very disappointing news for Zimbabwe’s racing fans.

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