Let’s take the sad news first. Zimbabwe’s Champion Trainer 2015/16, Gokhan Terzi, is heading to South Africa, and will be missed. However his Borrowdale Park yard will remain in operation – and that’s the good part.

Gokhan said today “First load of horses are leaving on the 14th December. The second load will be leaving two weeks later. I’m taking down 25 of the horses currently in my yard.

“I have been allocated 40 stables at the Vaal and will be in Johannesburg, permanently, from January 2017.

“My yard in Zimbabwe will be ‘downsized’ significantly to about 25 horses from 80 horses. This yard might eventually close but that depends on the economy of the country.”

The horses being taken to the Vaal include both raced and unraced stock.

All the best Gokhan. I am sure we will see you around, now and again.

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