…THANKS FOR THE MEMORIESIpi Tombe after Duty Free win

Jackie Cocksedge has sent me the following information…and I quote:…

This is to inform you that the Council of the Thoroughbred Breeders Association Of Zimbabwe have taken the decision to formally close the association. We no longer have a viable breeding industry in Zimbabwe and we see little point in maintaining an office.

The library and documents will be archived. The trophies and awards will no longer be presented. Maybe one day in the future the industry will be revived.

With apologies to Margaret Mitchell, I have penned the following:”

” Here was a land of gentle folk and rolling pastures 
An equine Camelot
Here they bred and nurtured the athletes that graced our turf
Here in this productive world they took their last bow
Here was the last ever to be seen of stallions and their ladies fair
Of grooms and horses
Another casualty of our homeland Zimbabwe
Look for it only in books for it is no more than a dream remembered
The glory days, gone with the wind”

Included above is a photograph of Ip Tombe taken after her Dubai Duty Free win. Zimbabwe has produced hundreds of good racehorses but Ipi Tombe proved some could take on the best and win.

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