Solinski birthday

It was Solinski’s birthday on November 28…  and part owner Vanessa Gunning pulled out all the stops to make it a great day.

At present last season’s Champion Three-Year-Old Filly and Joint Horse Of The Year is recovering from a self-inflicted injury (this girl kicks walls).

THANKS BUT NO the cake

In the afternoon Vanessa duly delivered Solinski’s birthday carrot cake, with four candles, but “she wasn’t at all keen on the cake…however was happy with a few carrots”.

Full marks for trying Vanessa…you will know what to do next year.  Get well soon Solinski.

Solinski's 4th  birthday cake


  1. It is understood that Solinski blew out the candles in the traditional equine way ! A burst of methane flames swept though the stables burning them to the ground and leaving Kirk with nothing left of his moustache which he had been growing for Movember
    Could be fake news of course


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