We need more racing people…

horses Gavin
Everyone who races at Borrowdale Park is aware that we need more people – on the ground – placing bets – and enjoying themselves.  The trouble is that racing newbies often find it rather intimidating – because they don’t understand what it is all about, and they don’t come back.

Jackie Cocksedge and I have produced an e-Book for racing beginners but as there is no money in the kitty to circulate this e-Book we are hoping the racing in-crowd will do their bit to spread it around Harare – by email, on Whatsapp and by any other innovative means you can dream up.

It would be appreciated if those of you who do Facebook would share the relevant post from either @racinginzim or @zimracing. When the TBA closed, that announcement was seen by 74 000.  Why are we only motivated when the news is grim?

If you are reading this email there is probably nothing in the e-Book which will be new to you, but please pass it on to everyone you feel might be slightly interested.

Many thanks for your help.

Please follow the link below to view and obtain your free copy of RACING IN ZIMBABWE.  As it is in pdf format it is easy to view in your browser and quick to download. Or alternatively, send an email to racing.ebook@gmail.com with e-book in the subject line.

Racing E-Book

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