One’s frame of mind this morning probably depends on whether you are a night owl, into Twitter and international news. If not count yourself lucky, because it’s all doom and gloom about COVID-19, looming unemployment, wrecked economies, lack of timely and appropriate action by governments, and so on and so forth.

What’s new?  Zimbabweans are used to all that. We are not used to international racing going into virtual lockdown and must get our minds around this. No doubt the MTC and Borrowdale Park trainers will be meeting today to discuss the way forward and I trust stakeholders and all interested parties will be informed of the outcome, without delay.

As I see it the immediate problems are the supply of horse feed, the effect on planned functions and our big three race meetings, and jockeys.

The situation elsewhere is changing hourly.  Will the South African jockeys be allowed to come to Harare and if not, what is the plan? 

I never thought to close our Apprentice Academy was a bright move but apparently, that’s a done deal – so what is the alternative?  The apprentices want to move to a South African Academy, but we need them here. Local jocks inspire local interest at the best of times and right now we are likely to need every single one of them with their feet on the ground. 

It is no good speculating when facts are limited so let’s be positive. Racing at Borrowdale Park has managed to continue in tough times, and we must carry on doing so.  

At first, I thought The Centaurian’s somewhat grandiose plan for a ZIMFUN RACING CLUB was pie in the sky – because I don’t do figures – but the more I think about it the more I like the idea.  So, I am in for a share even if I must stage a hold-up somewhere along the line to raise US$100.

Let’s concentrate on being constructive.  We must keep on dreaming, and making sure we look after our animals and anyone else who needs help.  We will get through this.

Have a good day!

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