The Mashonaland Turf Club today issued the following statement regarding the Borrowdale Park race meeting scheduled for Friday:

 “Please be advised that as we all know things change daily amid the COVID – 19 pandemic, for all of us.

“As we stand today 24.03.2020, the Borrowdale Park race meeting to be held on Friday the 27  March, 2020, will go ahead as planned – but under certain conditions that fulfil both Ministry directive and Government advise.

“The following practices have been put in place by MTC in order to hold the race day –

1. There will be no foreign or international Jockeys allowed on course. All local jockeys will be used on the day.

2. MTC will be closed to any and all members of the public. All gates will be locked and there will be no access to any interested party or other.

3. The Owners and Trainers bar will be closed. There will be no owners allowed on course at any time or at any place, including the grandstands.

4. The parade ring is closed and out of bounds to any and all individuals, including MTC staff working on the day, other than the trainer, jockey, lead grooms, stipendiary and duty Stewards.

5. Tellytrack will be broadcasting the event on channel 239 DSTV.

6. There will only be a trainer and a jockey interview. No owners or grooms.

7. All MTC race day staff have been reduced and limited to an essential skeleton staff that allows us to operate within the minimum of the 50-person Presidential directive.

8. All essential Staff have been divided into 6 groupings and isolated from each other so that no comingling can occur. Separate facilities are provided for dope box operator and vet so that they can operate independently, as do studio, Judges and commentator for the day.

9. The NHRA of RSA has been informed of our intention as well as of our actions taken to both protect race day staff and ensure the best interests of horses and horse racing are adhered to.”

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