As most of you know racing at Borrowdale Park will not resume until October and the annual scarification (that awful word) of the course began on August 31.

I thought I had a reliable spy who would provide me with an essay on this process – not photographs and scrappy notes sent via WhatsApp.  Fortunately, some of you probably know more about course maintenance than I do, and will be able to sort out the photographs (if in the wrong order), and the notes.

First of all the course was fertilised and watered, and “stripping” began several days later. Apparently, the watering etc goes first “to get the nutrients into the soil, and then the cuttings and mulch go on top waiting for growth to start.”

I think the pics are supposed to be self-explanatory as the only other info received so far was “All this will be swept across to make a nice covering – and then we water and the fertiliser is already in the soil.”

The photographs were taken nearly a week ago so we can assume everything is now much further forward and I await an update – anxiously.

Of course, I could go and have a look myself – but that would be far too scary.

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