This is a summary of the course preparation at Borrowdale Park for the new season.

After the last race meeting the course was rolled with spikes. This loosens up the soil and allows the fertiliser to penetrate the hard surface.

The MTC acquired 2.5 MT of AN Fertiliser to spread on the track, followed by watering to allow the fertiliser to be absorbed into the grass and the soil, The reason for this is we would be spreading the mulch (cut grass) over the track to provide cover and nutrients for the new shoots coming through. The watering process went on for 3 days after the fertiliser was laid to give enough time for it to take effect.

Once the fertilisation and watering process had been completed the cutting/”scarification” process commenced and will be completed by Saturday September 12, if all goes well with the equipment.

 You can see that the mower is set at its very lowest to cut all the existing grass and thresh the roots to allow for new growth.

The picture above shows that the cut grass is left in lines by the tractor and this will be spread by rakes – See below to get an even spread.

The picture above is after the mulch has been spread across the cut.

The timing of this year’s course prep will hopefully stand us in good stead as we approach the rainy season and the natural time of growth for the grass. By the time the 18th of October comes around the course should be more than ready for the first race meeting.

As you well know the outside 15 metres of the course has not been used for a long time and that part of the course has become extremely hard, not much different to a dirt road. The MTC has hired a rotovator to try and revitalise this part of the course. See the pictures below

The above will not affect the current part of the track which is in use.

Thanks to the Mashonaland Turf Club for providing this information and congratulations to everyone involved – Merlyn Chant, Gyles Dorward, Charles Mubariki, Scott Buchan – and last but by no means least the MTC course maintenance team. Keep up the good work.

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